As we prepare to celebrate 16 years of Rockin’ and Runnin’ in the 2020 Fargo Marathon, Thursday, May 7th, we also celebrate our youth runners who are also celebrating 16 years with us! In 2005, about 100 kids lined up at the bike path along the Red River on a Friday night to kick off the very first event of the inaugural Fargo Marathon. Fast forward to our Youth Run in 2016,  and we had over 2,800 kids who took part in the Fargo Marathon Youth Run!

The 2020 Youth Run will feature two different distances of 1/2 mile and 1 mile featuring the thrills and excitement of TNT Fitness – who help prepare the kids with fun music and stretches & warm ups – and get them all ready to run!

The race is open to all children 12 and under. Parents/Guardians are welcome to run alongside their children or push them in a stroller, if necessary.

The different age groups will start in waves, so congestion is kept to a minimum and safety is our first priority!

All kids will finish inside a secured, fenced-in area, and parents/guardians will need to present a matching race bib when picking up their child(ren).

Youth Run | Fargo Marathon
Youth Run | Fargo Marathon

Youth Run FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the annual Fargo Marathon Youth Run.

What are the events for the Youth Run?

The 2020 Youth Run events include a 1/2 mile and 1 mile run. Children are free to choose whichever race they want to run. We encourage kids to run in only one of the races.

What is the cost for the Youth Run?

The cost is $15 per child. If an adult (parent or guardian) wants to run with the child, there is no extra charge. Registration is required.

How do we register?

There are three ways to register:

  1. By mail: Please postmark by early May to ensure we receive the registration form.
  2. Online: Sign up securely at registration by early May to guarantee a packet is prepared.
  3. On site: At the Fargodome, Wednesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 17th. For hours and location of the Youth Run registration and packet pickup, refer to the Schedule of Events.

Why do you ask for an email and cell phone number on the registration form?

The email address is to alert you of any updates, including when photos are available from the run, which you may want to purchase. The cell phone number is in case we need to reach you during the event (i.e. if you get separated from your child, you can write your cell phone number on the back of your child’s race bib). Your email and phone number will only be used for these purposes and will not be shared for any outside solicitation.

What time does the Youth Run begin and how long does it last?

First of all, all runners must be registered by 4:30pm at the Fargodome Youth Run Registration booth. at 5:30pm, youth runners (and any parent participants) will be lined up in their particular age group and race wave.

Each age group will take off in “waves” (youngest to oldest), coordinated by the Youth Run Volunteer Staff. Each age group will complete their race before the next “wave” begins their run. Due to the number of race participants in the specific age groups, there may be a need to combine age groups for a particular race – this will be at the discretion of the Youth Run Volunteer Staff.

Please note that all races are fluid processes and slight alterations to the process or route may occur on the actual race day. Be sure to arrive early for line-up and final instructions on race day.

What are the age groups and how do we find the appropriate one?

All runners will line up within their respective age groups inside the Fargodome on the field level with the youngest age group starting first. Look for posted signs to find the appropriate age group.