The Fargo Marathon courses are what makes our races unique! Each course visits great neighborhoods, running paths with the marathon and half marathon courses going through downtown Fargo and historic 8th and 9th streets! Of course, all of the races are fast, flat and friendly! Over 58 locations of bands and DJ’s throughout the courses will make for an action packed, fun-filled, outstanding experience!


Three words every runner loves to hear when they are registering for a race!  These three words describe the Fargo Marathon courses to a “T”!

Start with flat – if you don’t know Fargo-Moorhead, then let us help you out.  We are located in the Red River Valley….a leftover of some crazy glacier thing a long, long time ago.  Thanks to that glacier, we have a very flat terrain around here.  In fact, the biggest hills you’ll find are the underpasses in downtown!  So flat is Fargo and flat is Good!

Fast?  Well, it kind of goes with the flat, but to be a little more specific, the Fargo Marathon course has one of the higher percentages of Boston Marathon qualifying times than most marathons!  The course is designed by runners who know what is important to fellow runners!

Finally….let’s talk about friendly!  The friendly people of Fargo and Moorhead are probably one of the most important pieces of the Fargo Marathon!  Rockstar cheering fans, bands and DJs at every mile, and the absolute best aid station & medical teams give new meaning to “North Dakota & Minnesota Nice”.

Whether you’re planning to ride in the Cyclothon, take your dog out for the Furgo Dog Run or race on Friday and Saturday, you will definitely leave Fargo with a better appreciation of



Aid Stations & Nutrition

The runner’s experience is very important to us, and part of that experience includes an adequate number of Aid Stations (Water & Electrolytes). The full and half marathon courses in Fargo have these stop located approximately every two miles.

Our Aid Stations have water and Mountain Berry Powerade (Thank you Coca-Cola for your continued sponsorship!). In addition to the above, we also provide GU Gels to the full marathoners at approximately mile 10 & 20 and to the half marathoners at approximately mile 8.5. A variety of flavors will be available, including chocolate, salted caramel, strawberry banana, and vanilla.

We also have Medical Dropout points located at mile 7, 12, 20, & 24 for the full marathoners. For the half marathoners, the Medical Dropout points are at mile 7, 10, & 12.