Half Marathon Pacers


Goal Time - 1:30

Richard ``Dick`` Dafoe, owner of See Dick Run in Grand Forks, ND started running in 7th grade as his parents feared for his tiny life as a football player, and he hasn't stopped running since. He enjoys short shorts and long runs in the dark. Richard ``Coach`` Dafoe can be found any given Saturday in the Fall on a cross-country course, coaching the Red River Roughriders boys XC team to greatness.


Goal Time - 1:40

Jake Greenstein - Bio coming soon!


Goal Time - 1:50

Kasey Kuker - Bio coming soon!


Goal Time - 2:00

Gwen has run over 80 half marathons, several marathons, and countless 5 and 10ks. For Gwen, running started as a hobby and has now turned into a passion. Gwen enjoys helping runners reach their goals. She loves talking to other runners about their future events and running milestones.


Goal Time - 2:00

Heather has run 18 full marathons, 9 ultras, and over 50 half marathons. She has paced over 25 half marathons over the last 4 years and looks forward to many more. She enjoys pacing and helping others reach their goals!


Goal Time - 2:10

Tim Wright has been pacing full and half marathons since 2006. He has completed 87 full marathons and countless half-marathons, 10K, and 5K races. He started pacing because it is a great way for him to give back to the running community that has treated him so well in the last 20 years. He has been fortunate to run the Boston Marathon on many occasions, but he will always have soft spots for Grandma's Marathon (it's near where he grew up), the Fargo Marathon (he qualified for Boston for the first time at the inaugural Fargo Marathon) and the Whistlestop Marathon (where he ran his PR - 3:14).


Goal Time - 2:20

Valerie Bauer - Bio coming soon!


Goal Time - 2:30

Don Henderson - Bio coming soon!


Goal Time - 2:45

Wendi is your 2:45 pacer! She has been running since 2010 and has completed 16 half marathons and 9 marathons. Currently she is training and working on a plan to achieve her marathon PR at Grandma's the year she turns 50! She has been a pace group leader for several half marathons including Fargo, Wild Hog, GoFar Woman, the Fargo Mini, Dick Beardsley, and the Get Lucky 21K. She loves pacing because there is always at least one runner who says, ``I could not have done this without you!`` and that gives her great joy.


Goal Time - 3:00

Tara began distance running in 2002. While biking in the gym one day, she saw the Twin Cities marathon on the news. This motivated her to create a goal to run her first full marathon in one year. The next day, she went out for her first run and made it a half mile before going home to rest. Unfortunately, injury set her back and she was unable to complete the race as planned; however, she did complete her first full marathon a year and a half after she set her goal. Since then, she has completed 12 full marathons, 1 Ultra marathon, and almost 30 half marathons. While pacing, Tara likes to talk to people, listen to their stories, and keep runners motivated to achieve their goals.

Full Marathon Pacers


Goal Time - 3:00

What started as a way to lose a few pounds slowly morphed into a complete lifestyle change —in short, running. Gerad lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and ran his first marathon in 2005 at the Twin Cities Marathon. Since then he’s completed more than 90 marathons and ultras —it seems each one teaches you something new. He’s paced numerous marathons with goal times ranging from 3:00 to 3:25. He is looking forward to pacing the 3-hour group at the Fargo Marathon!


Goal Time - 3:10

Dan started running about 10 years ago. He was looking for a challenge and decided to run a marathon. Since then, Dan has completed close to 100 races of marathon distance or longer. A few of the races include the Twin Cities Marathons, Grandma’s Marathon, Boston Marathon, Western States 100 Mile endurance run and a number of other Ultramarathon mountain races.


Goal Time - 3:20

Mandy started running 15 years ago and found it was something that she enjoys! She has completed over 10 marathons and half marathons. She is looking forward to pacing Fargo.


Goal Time - 3:30

Cody has run 13 full marathons, including 8 Fargo full marathons, so he knows the course pretty well. He has utilized pacers numerous times, including the 2018 Grandmas Marathon, where he qualified for the Boston Marathon. This will be his first time pacing and hopes to help as many runners as possible to achieve their goal, whether it’s a PR or a BQ.


Goal Time - 3:40

Daniel is a Race Director for Mainly Marathons, which hosts 80+ races across 14 different race series covering all 50 states. Daniel has run approximately 80 marathons, including at least one marathon in all 50 states. The 2020 Fargo Marathon will be Daniel's 4th time running this race.


Goal Time - 3:50

Adam ran his first marathon in 2003 and has been hooked ever since. He ran his 160th Marathon/Ultramarathon in 2019 and isn’t looking back anytime soon! He is going for all 50 states and is about 2/3rds of the way there. Originally from Kansas and now living in Minnesota, Adam makes friends with other runners who “like” to wake up at 2:00am to put in long runs on weekday mornings before going to work. Adam loves pacing because it is an opportunity to give back to the many runners who have invested wisdom, encouragement, inspiration and friendship to him since his first mile.


Goal Time - 4:05

JoEllen is excited to participate in her 10th Fargo marathon by pacing the 4:05 group. She has paced for the Fargo marathon the past four years in a row. She has run over 20 marathons including the Boston Marathon several times. She also competes in triathlons of all distances including completing two full Ironman distances. When she is not racing or training she works as a cardiologist at Lake Region Healthcare in Fergus Falls, MN. She is also raising four small children with her husband, Jeremy.


Goal Time - 4:10

It took a long time from when Ananda started running until she considered herself a runner. Initially she was killing time after classes before her ride showed up, and then her sister convinced her to run a marathon to pull her out of a funk--but that wasn't the thing. It was when she realized that her friendships were based around people with whom she enjoyed running, and she signed up for her second marathon simply because it sounded 'fun'. It's been 8 years and 18 more marathons since that happened! Since her PR at her favorite marathon--Chicago!—She’s realized that she want to help others reach for their running goals and crush them as well. She looks forward to doing that at Fargo this year with some new runners!


Goal Time - 4:20

Kristina ran her first marathon in 2006 and started pacing marathons in 2012. Kristina has finished over 100 full marathons, which include 2 Ironmans, multiple 50ks, and a 50 miler. She has also run around 60 half marathons. She has paced numerous marathons including Fargo, Grandma’s, Twin Cities, and Marine Corps. Her current marathon PR is 3:58.


Goal Time - 4:35

Julie was an athlete in High School competing in cross country and track. After High School she took a 20 year hiatus. In 2009 she decided to start running again and in 2011 ran her first marathon. She has now ran over 80 marathons and completed a marathon in all 50 states.

As a pacer she does everything to push and motivate runners to finish the race strong and at goal pace.


Goal Time - 4:50

Lisa ran her first half marathon in 2007 just before her 40th birthday. She now has completed almost 40 half marathons and 13 full marathons. Although the post-race celebrations are very fun, but she says the friends she has met through running and the memories made on her training runs or destination races are the reasons she keeps running.
Lisa plans to run at a steady pace and walk through the water stops. She looks forward to running with anyone who is needing some extra support or who can give a little support – which should cover just about every runner. Her motto is the more the merrier!


Goal Time - 5:15

Erin has been running since 2010 when a friend challenged her to run a 5k. Within a year she had run her first marathon and has kept going since. She has now completed over 20 marathons and 30 half-marathons. Running has been a rewarding choice for her mental as well as physical health. She got into pacing because she loves encouraging others in the sport and helping people reach their goals.
Professionally, she is a math instructor at a technical and community college. When she is not running, she can be found playing board games, camping or lounging with her two cats.


Goal Time - 5:30

Pacer Tom is one of the original pacers who has been running for over 44 years, and has paced over 1,000 running events covering a wide range of distances. This will be Pacer Tom’s 14th time running the Fargo marathon. Pacer Tom is acknowledged as the only runner in the world with over 100K Lifetime Miles, over 2,000 career races, 50 State Club Sub 4 hour Marathon finisher, five time certified 50 State Marathon Club finisher, and a Titanium Marathon Maniac as well as being in the Marathon Maniac Hall of Fame. He is one of thirty-seven runners profiled in the book ``Running Past Fifty - Advice & Inspiration for Senior Runners`` by Gail Waesche Kislevitz.


Goal Time - 6:00

Randy has been a pacer for about 8 years now at full marathons and half marathons. He really enjoys the people he meets during the races. He loves the stories people share during the races about how they got into running, their favorite race, or what their goals are as a runner. He always looks forward running various races during the year, especially the Fargo Marathon Weekend as well as the Grand Forks Marathon Weekend. He and his wife Stacy have 2 boys, Joey and Jacob.

What is a pacer?

A pacer is the runner in the group who carries a sign and leads the group to the finish line in a specific time goal. The pacer will run even splits and cheer on the group along the way.

What pace groups are offered?

We will be offering pace groups for the following time goals for the full marathon: 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 3:55, 4:00, 4:05, 4:10, 4:20, 4:35, 4:50, 5:00, 5:15, 5:30, and 6:00.

We will be offering the following time goals for the half marathon too: 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:45 and 3:00. Please check at the pacers table during expo hours for more pace groups that may be added to this list.

How do I sign up for a pace group?

Feel free to stop by the pacers table at the packet pickup time and sign up for free. The pacers will be handing out cool pace bands to all runners.

Where do I meet my pace group on race morning?

Beginning 30 minutes before the race, the Lost Dog Pace Team will all be lined up at the starting line according to pace. Feel free to join a pace group at the starting line and have a fun race with the group!

Do I have to stay with my pacer the entire time?

No, feel free to use the pacer as a guide to how your race is going. If at any time you feel the pace is too fast you can always slow down on your own. Also, if you feel strong towards the end of the race, feel free to pick up the pace and beat your goal. The pacers are there to help you beat your goal.

How will the pacers handle the aid stations?

Most of the pacers will simply slow down for the group to all get some fluids. The slower pace groups may walk thru the aid stations. The pacers will make all last minute instructions on there group at the starting line.

Who are the pacers?

The Lost Dog Pace Team is comprised of local and regional talented runners who have been carefully chosen based on their recent success in marathons.

What should I do after the race?

Celebrate! Please take the time to thank the race volunteers and also let your pace leader know that you appreciate their hard efforts to make it a fun race. These pacers bring a lot of energy and excitement to this race.

What if I have any further questions that aren't answered here?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to answer your pace team related questions.