The Fargo Marathon

Week of May 15-20, 2017

Fast, Fun & Friendly!


True Boston Qualifier!


Whole Week of Events!


The Largest Kid's Race!



In May 2002, Fargo hosted the Scheels All Sports Run for the Children Half Marathon, and with 300 runners, it was considered a huge race.  No one knew there were so many people eager to run in Fargo, ND!

After three years of the Half Marathon, we asked runners if they would support a full marathon in this place we call home.  "Ya, Sure... You Betcha" was all we needed to hear, and in 2005, we made the jump to a full marathon. Our inaugural event in 2005 brought in over 2,400 participants... Uff Da! We thought that was a big as we would ever get! 

In the years to follow, our numbers continued to surprise us as we grew!  In 2010, we hit our goal of over 20,000 people, and in 2014 we had over 24,000!  Uff Da! In 2011, we started FARGO ROCKS... Bands and Fans... every race... every mile! 

By 2012, we had over 50 live bands on the marathon and half marathon routes, and it just continued on through 2016! 2017 marks our 13th year running - and it is going to be the BEST!  Be prepared for some exciting changes, amazing new routes, and a party atmosphere that will prove to everyone how Fargo Marathon Rocks!  

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