Edward Broadnax and Bonnie Jules are two runners in love who are getting married at the Fargo Marathon, and YOU are invited! The two want to incorporate their love for running and their overwhelming love for each other by having the FIRST EVER Fargo Marathon wedding!

Running brought these two love birds together in Denver, Colorado in April 2017. They met during the last 12+ miles of the Runs With Scissors 50k and the rest is history! Since that day in 2017, the two have been inseparable. Ed decided to take the plunge and move across the country from El Paso, Texas to Jacksonville, Florida to see if their relationship had the right ingredients to truly blossom –and it sure did!

“We have enjoyed many happy miles together, traveling and running across this big beautiful country of ours. AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL,” Jules says. The couple has an unbelievable running history starting before meeting each other and continuing today.

Ed started his running career in 2007 while active in the military. He is now a 27 years of service retired combat veteran –thank you for your service, Ed! Throughout his lifetime, he has completed 280 full marathons, paced 50 marathons at various paces, completed a marathon in ALL 50 states, and was inducted into the Marathon Maniacs Hall of Fame in 2016. Bonnie began running in 2014, and started out with 5ks and fun runs. In her lifetime, she has completed 115 half marathons, completed a half marathon in ALL 50 states, and has also completed 40 full marathons. What amazing running resumes these two have!

With all the marathons these two run together, why did they choose Fargo? “Because Fargo ROCKS! Fargo is at the top of our list of favorite races,” Jules says. They aren’t usually race repeaters, but Ed is coming back to Fargo for his third marathon and Bonnie is coming back for her second!

Thank you for your continued support, Ed and Bonnie, and we can’t wait to help you celebrate the big day!