The Fargo Marathon

Week of May 15-20, 2017

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True Boston Qualifier!


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Aid Stations & Nutrition


Course Aid Stations and Nutrition

The runner’s experience is VERY important to us, and part of that experience includes an adequate number of Aid Stations (Water & Electrolytes). The Full and Half marathon courses in Fargo have these stops located at approximately every TWO MILES.

Our Aid Stations have water and Mountain Berry Powerade (Thank you Coca-Cola for your continued sponsorship!). In addition to the above, we also provide GU Gels to the Half Marathoners at approximately Mile 8.5 and to the Full Marathoners at approximately Mile 10 and Mile 20! A variety of flavors will be available, including Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla.

We also have Medical Dropout points located at Mile 7, Mile 12, Mile 20 and Mile 24 for the Full Marathoners. For the Half Marathoners, the Medical Dropout points happen at Mile 7, Mile 10 and Mile 12.


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